Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On the Feast of Transfiguration

August 6, 2008
Feast of the Transfiguration

Today is August 6, 2008, Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus.
It was August 6, 2005 when I received the “graced word” from Jesus through Psalm 118: “I shall not die; I shall live and recount His deeds.”
As I write these words, I could still feel the ambience of a solemn presence relieving the past when I met Him strongly.
The story goes this way:
It was the 17th day after my first chemo therapy, when few of my hair strands were falling apart from my head. In the morning I woke up to attend the Holy Eucharist. During the Eucharistic celebration, at the moment of the elevation of Bread and Wine, as the priest was saying: Through Him, with Him and in Him… I whispered to Jesus these words: “I am restored to health.” It was followed by the singing of AMEN by the choir. I felt a strong power within me when I uttered those words; seems real, that I was really healed at that very moment.
After the Mass I spent some time to meditate in the chapel and there I looked back at the experience, wondering, amazed by the event that took place.
Later in the morning, I went to open my e-mail. I read one of the mails coming from my friend, Sr. May Salvatierra, OCD, the superior of the Monastery in Carmel, Bacolod City. It’s so amazing, when she wrote: “On the feast of Transfiguration, I lovingly claim the grace of today’s feast for your complete healing, recovery and wholeness… a Total Transfiguration through the power of Jesus’ Resurrection.” I felt deeply our communion at Mass with her claim for my total healing and my disposition of being restored to health at that moment. How marvelous you are O Lord, really how God works in our lives, in my life especially at that moment of my sickness. The confirmation took place at Mid day.
At Mid day, I joined the community to pray: Lo and behold, this encounter with Jesus during the Eucharist was confirmed at this moment. We were reciting the Psalm 118 and when I reached to the verses” “I shall not die, I shall live and recount His deeds”, I was choked because I felt strongly the confirmation of that Eucharistic encounter. I was not able to move on reciting the Psalm because tears started to fall on my cheek and I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to the Lord. It was real.
This encounter with Jesus has given me much hope and courage to move onward. The experience was unique and I believe it was a spirit filled encounter. So that the anticipation of my recovery was printed in my mind and I believed I will be cured. This attitude makes the foundation of cure already laid down before me. The coming days made me feel good, hopeful and joyful, as if the sickness was gone, though I knew I was still sick because the tumor was still on the first stage of reducing and considering that my case was a diagnosis of advanced cancer. Yet it was helping me to move onward. Because of this I made a decision to cooperate in my healing process as I go through chemo therapy, which in the beginning I was resistant. The grace of God helped me to accept the treatment through the help of my dear Spiritual Directress, Sr. Barbra Ostheimer, SND, who accompanied me during those difficult times in my life as well as some particular CM sisters in Rome who encouraged me and bring light and strength to my doubts and fears.
Now, I would say that the august 6 experience at the Eucharist was a transfiguration experience of my future healing, thus I shall live and recount His deeds to those I will meet along the way.

Therefore, this blog site will be used by me to proclaim the Lord’s marvels in my life, as He has told me: “I will recount His deeds”.
My sickness turned out to be a blessing. How? You will see the marvels of God as you move on reading the “Diary of a cancer survivor”.
May those who come across this page will discover the saving power of God in your life and you will be moved to recount His deeds in your own personal encounter with Him. I thank you Lord for your goodness and love. Amen!

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