Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Prayer to the Divine Healer

Jesus, you are my Divine healer. I believe in your healing power. As you have said: “All things are possible”. You healed the lame, the woman with hemorrhage, you changed the destiny of the adulterous woman, and you restored the sight of the blind at Siloam, and so on…
When you asked the blind, what do you want? The blind said “I want to see”. Lord ask me too, what do I want, and I will tell you, “I want to be healed.”
I do believe that you continue to heal those who call upon your name, JESUS. You are the source of peace, healing, strength and love.
I, too, call on you with so much faith. In your name, JESUS, I plead you to heal me. Take away the tumor in my left breast and restore me to health. I believe it will happen. I praise your name Jesus and I glorify you. So be it. Amen!

Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system. The truth is: love heals. Miracles happen to exceptional patients every day – patients who have the courage to love, those who have the courage to work with their doctors to participate in and influence their own recovery.
(taken from the book of Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D.)

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