Friday, June 16, 2017

The Voice

The offshoot from her eight day Retreat
June 2017
Sr. Christine Dagohoy, CM
Facilitated by: Sr. Loida, CM

The Voice
By: Sr. Christine Dagohoy, CM 
I was sitting when a voice captured my hearing
Inviting me to the place where it was resounding
I looked for it and saw nothing
I listened to it but I don’t know where it was hiding
I covered my ears, the one and the other
And thought that I might see it here…and there
But when I sought it more
I cannot find it all the more.

I was puzzled where the voice was coming
But I did not stop my searching
Until the voice slowly fading and fading
I paused for a moment…
Praying and desiring
To see the beauty of the voice speaking
Before it totally vanished in my hearing..

As I opened my eyes
I found it surprisingly
Right there in front of me…
Telling…that He is just looking at me
When I was searching for Him thoroughly
How happy I was that He appeared to me
And revealed His wonderful beauty
The beauty of the mysterious voice
That is calling me…

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