Tuesday, September 16, 2014

God's Love is unfathomable!!!

Just call me Tess
September 13-16, 2014
Retreat Accompaniment
by: Sr. Loida, cm

Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord my life was laid before you
From the womb of my mother you've watched me
When I gave my first smile, took my first step
You were there in the presence of my mother and father.

As my life unfolded, stumbling blocks all around me
Storms come and go, each left me wounded
But you were there to take my hand
And guide me to step forward again.

All my weaknesses and failings 
You've seen ahead
All my wrong choices and .... you allow to happen
Respecting my free will and choices
But as always you were there to pick me up.

My life... your gift to me... I return to you as a gift
It may not be as beautiful as it should be
But I know you'll love it just as well.
As you yourself kept me wrapped it till this day.

Who could take me away from you?
Money, friends, ambitions or illness?
Or the enemies always at work to destroy me?
All these are nothing compared to your saving power.

Your love embraces me, kept me at your side
Your power and might topples down my foes
You guided my steps to walk beside you always
Keeping me safe, never to wander away.

How to repay your love?
Nothing on my or I do deserve this love
But you are the God of my life, my Creator
This I will sing, this I'll live.

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