Sunday, September 8, 2013

Parent/Child Retreat Grade VI - Understanding

"Family in the Year of Faith"
September 6-8, 2013
Speaker: Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm
Facilitators: Srs. Venie, Nona
St. Teresa Hall

Thank you Lord for giving us again these three days… to stop… to slow down… relax… and PRAY.

Throughout the retreat, we were able to reflect our weaknesses and shortcomings as mother and son. We were able to understand and lift up to the Lord our needs.

The sharing and experiences of others made our Faith stronger.

Thank you Lord for we are now purified, transformed, converted and most of all re-affirmed our LOVE to our child and to you our LORD.

When we go home, we commit to continue to live our Faith in our actions and words to you and the rest of our Family. Amen!

Rose Principe

Lord, thank you that we had a wonderful retreat. Thank you for all the blessings that you gave us. We are always asking for your help and you answer it. Though our retreat ended, we will still pray for your help. Please always answer our prayers. I am thankful that you are always here to guide all of us. I thank you that you are always here for us, even though we have encountered many sins of our lives. And I am sorry for all my sins. Thank you Lord, you accepted us every day. Please let us be safe in your hands. Please cure all the sick people. Thank you Lord… Amen!
Love Ayn L.

Heavenly Father, We praise and thank you for this opportunity to enter into the DOOR OF LIFE – a life’s journey through FAITH. Help us to be ever BURNING with DESIRE to focus on what is the most important to us – OUR FAMILY RELATIONSHIP. Help us to KEEP our focus on YOU. So that our life‘s purpose will be fulfilled according to you will. Amen!
Earl G.

Hear me O Lord to become a beter parent to my kids. Help me to be more patient, understanding and loving. May I give them the time thaty they needed from me. May they always share with me their joys and sorrows so that I will know them better. Thank you for this opportunity to be with my child to share this special event. In Jesus’ name… Amen!


Dear Lord, please help me to understand more our topic on our retreat. Please help me to be more careful in what I will do today and to show respect to my parents and to my brothers. Thank you for the blessings you gave to us this weekend. Amen!

Earl Jericho G.

To you I lift up my soul
To you I lift up my goals
To you I lift up my whole
To you I lift up it all.
My faith to you is never fading
My faith to you is never ending
My faith to you is never ceasing
My Faith to you just keeps on growing.
I love you Lord, that is so true
I love you Lord, I’ll never feel blue
I love you Lord, I believe in you
I love you Lord, I know you also do.
Chloe and Chey Eiffert

Thank you Lord for enlightening and giving us more faith, to strengthen our selves and for encouraging us to do good things and for purifying our souls for our peace of mind and heart.
Daniel Paul J.

Dakilang Ama, Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng pagkakataong ipinagkaloob mo sa amin. Dalangin ko po patuloy ang patnubay sa paglalakbay sa buhay na ito. Iaalay kop o ang aking pamilya at bawat pamilya. Ilayo niyo po kami sa ano mang kapahamakan at tukso. Salamat po sa ngalan ng iyong anak na si Hesus aming Panginoon. Amen!

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