Saturday, May 4, 2013

Renewed Moment with the Lord

 God is present in the most difficult moment of our lives.
He is Love!
Moments with the Lord
April 29 to May 4, 2013
Loving Father, Source of all goodness, Fountain of life and love, you fill this place with the ambiance of your radiance. The Holy Spirit is so alive... so free to penetrate the inmost depths of one's being.
I praise and glorify you loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit for giving me the opportunity to experience your healing presence here. You opened the closed doors and windows of my heart so that Your rays may enter and touch its core and find again the initial call that I missed for sometime. Please do impprison me, chain me to this initial call that you have given me so that everything that will happen into my life will fave meaning and be cherished for your greater glory.
May Our Lady Mediatrix of all Grace, my dearest Mother, be with me always until I reach the final destination of my life... breathing my last breath with the words, "I love you my sweetest Jesus" Amen!

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