Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Eucharistic Experience

 Sr. Suasan Manzo, OSR
A Eucharistic Experience/Encounter
May 11-19, 2013
Accompaniment Sister: Sr. Loida, cm
Summary of my Retreat Experience:
My days of prayer, silence and solitude with the Lord is truly a Grace.
He has allowed me to experience His Presence in the daily events of my life.
My longing and thirsting for Him has been nourished and fulfilled.
The reminiscing events allowed me to ponder deeply and lead me to reconciliation, healing and forgiveness.
The experience of intense closeness and love for the person of Jesus draw me to a profound intimacy with the Lord and deepened my knowledge and love of Him.
The Lord came to help me and encourage me to trust and to hope.
By faith, I renewed conviction and enthusiasm with confidence and hope.
Spiritual Armor Symbols:
Water: because I'm longing and thirsting for God; it has been nourished and fullfilled.
Light: Reminder of my desire to live in God's light. This light also will bring transformation.
Hand: Do good while I still have time, reach out to other countries because of renewed enthusiasm.
Seed: To rediscover the content of faith that is professed daily, prayed and lived and celebrated. To re-discover His hand day by day.

The Spirit of the Lord guided me and consoled me in my journey of discernment.
By faith, I am called and sent for the mission, for the redemption of the marginalized and the abused girls. Being with the girls is a great challenge for me.
It demands from me a spirit of total availability in order to bring them closer to Christ.
Grateful as I am, for the Lord has done great things for me and my vows to Him I will fulfill.

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