Friday, March 1, 2013

Discernment - Vocation

 St. Therese is my special companion
 Vocational Discernment
Miss Aileen Chua
Feb. 28 to March 1, 2013
Directed Retreat
Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm
 Insight to Psalm 139
I find this reading very inspirational and empowering. From verses 1-3. The Psalmist point out the scope of God's power , all seeing, all knowing, fully in control and absolutely responsible for our creation. In the succeeding verses, His unconditional love, faithfulness and infinite mercy.
Empowering because there is the assurance of His desire for us to be of this world and enjoy the rest of His creation. He really wanted us and created us in His image, unlike the plants and animals. He gave us the capacity to have dominion over the res of His creation. He gave us thought and language.
Only He, knew how we were developing in the darkness of our mother's womb. Much like a pupa in a cocoon. No one can see the process of transformation that's taking place inside but the result is a magnificent made butterfly. This is a lesson in patience and perseverance. Though we know nothing of the outcome, if we trust that He only wants the best for us, then when we submit and patiently wait, we will eventually be shown our reward.
There is also the assurance that the tapestry of our existence has already been woven. He knows every nook and cranny of our being. When we choose to sin, then perhaps that's when the psalmist feel like hiding from God. If we choose to obey His will, there wouldn't have been anything "off" being naked in front of God. The beauty of this psalm and the most humbling, is the realization that despite being EVERYTHING, He loves us so much that He shares the control with us because of His respect towards, thus granting us FREE WILL. Good and bad reside in us. There there is light, the shadow is also attached to it. We are given the choice which path to take. Even if we succumb to the evil one's temptation, He's always there guiding us until we learn to right our course. As we see the light and not fear the darkness, He will teach us to journey towards Him and share eternity. This is like when Satan tried to tempt him in the garden of Gethsemani, He did not give in and eventually crushed Satan's plot. Complete dominion over evil. God shows us how better it is to choose Good over evil.
This psalm is also inviting us to always look to God and lead grateful lives. Lastly, if it pleases you, allow me to be like the banana tree in one of Fr. Sim's homilies. Simple yet useful and unceasingly giving from beginning to end. Amen!
Lord, heavenly Father, I praise, glorify and thank you once again for constantly sending angels to guide me on this earthly journey. In this case, you have chosen Sr. Loida and her community to show me how it is to be of service and loving to you. Please continue to fortify then in their vocation so they can continue to shepherd more and more people towards you.
As my Father, please grant me the grace to be like a child in forging on this path you have chosen for me. May I be malleable, coachable and have the docility of heart to obey your will no matter how difficult. May i have the courage and insight to always seek your truth even if it plunges me into darkness-es and unchartered territory. May you grant me the wisdom to know wen to speak and when to hol my tongue. When to act and when to be still. May humility and compasion be my twins.
Lord, please teach me how to be gracious, thankful and joyful at all times. Be unceasing in your reminder that you are in everything and in everyone. Please help me to master listening, seeing and speaking only with my heart which is full of love for you. Please nurture to maturity all the talents you have gifted me so I can be of better service to others. Please help me to embrace silence and solitude so I will really understand and get how it is to be in true communion with you.

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