Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Share a Meal" on Christmas Day

 The Carmelite Missionary Center of Spirituality
held a Christmas Party for the 
Poor Children around the place where they are situated.
***Share a meal with the poor***

 The Little Virgin Mary & little Joseph 
with their attire as the re enact 
the birth of our Savior.
 With them are the little shepherds and the angel

 Adoring the Baby Jesus!
 The Serenity Group
came to animate the poor children
with their songs together with
We wish to acknowledge the Vital C - LMM Group
who shared with us toys for the poor kids.
Thank you so much!
God bless the generous giver.
Merry Christmas!!!
Game: "Pass the bottle"

 Game: "Planting Straw"

 Time to share a meal
We wish to thank Fr. Jose Maria Bidegain
for sharing with us some amount
to give food for the poor children.
Thank you so much.

 Prayer: Thank you Jesus!

 Game: Balloon

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