Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Your heart has been made to love..." **********************CM Juniors Retreat

THEME: "Your heart has been made to love" Francisco Palau
Eight day Retreat
March 16-25, 2012
Retreat Accompaniment: Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm
Blessed Daniela Kiosk
Your heart has been made to love
To love Him alone
You have been untied with Him
in faith, hope and love.
Lord you showed me the life
a wonderful gift of you
A gift united to all Creation

You poured on me your spirit
it flamed within me
The spirit of love and communion
Desires to offer oneself
an oblation to You.

You have fired my heart
to love You and Your Church

How beautiful O Lord, You are!
How infinite and grcious are you?
How lovely, how sweet, I love you
My God, my Beloved one.

You who have graced me to love
flamed by your spirit within
to love and serve
to share and to give

Oh how I love you Lord
That I desire and long for you
To you alone I will give my life
To you alone I will give this life.

My heart was enflamed to love
fired by your spirit
And enliven me to act and spread my hands
To offer with you my God

Thanks to you, Father our Creator
Thanks to you, Jesus, the only Begotten Son
And thanks to you, O Holy Spirit, the inspirer
Thanks to you, O Most Holy Trinity

All praise and thanks to you
O Lord, my God
You who have poured your grace upon me
Moved me to give my life
One life in union to all creation
One Spirit for a zeal on Mission
One gift of you to me.

Sr. Christine, cm
“Are you ready to die?”  I remembered this question asked by a priest addressed to our newly accepted postulants, and everyone just smiled.  But if that question will be thrown to me today after my eight day retreat with Sr. Loida, for sure I will say, “Yes, I do am ready to die!” in teary eyes.

Last night, I struggled with words in how to put this all into writing.  The experience is so much that it can never be contained in this piece of paper but because I do feel so renewed in poverty, chastity and obedience- so I did.

I think I didn’t do anything during this retreat, I just dived and dived- a plunge into this image which God gave me at which at first I didn’t understand.  That has always been my refrain, “I don’t understand!” and trying to understand it made the answers even harder to find.  In all thise plunges I had these eight days of retreat, there was this very significant plunge, a plunge to an 1800 km depth waters, and it was indeed a total darkness.  The more I tried to see, the more it became darker, the more I tried to feel the warmth of life, the more it became colder and lifeless- all was darkness.

I remembered when I prayed, “If ever my life would be more comfortable if I would enter religious life, I would rather not continue.” And God gave this to me just as I prayed for here in Missionary Carmel, he took the “I am” that I had.  In doing this, I was in total darkness- the only treasure I thought I had.

In that plunge to darkness, though everything in me seemed dead - I saw that I was not dead at all. My heart was so alive and I also discovered it wasn’t so cold and dark, and lifeless – there was indeed peace, serenity and warmth… And I paused and said, “I AM HERE…” and I heard God echoed, “I AM HERE…”   My experience of surrender, of letting go… “I AM HERE…” and God’s words of assurance, of affirmation, “I AM HERE…” met and found its fusion- an experience I so do not deserve.
Sr. Roxan, cm

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