Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chapter Documents class

Opening Prayer
First day of class

The General Chapter Documents

Prayer: Loving Lord, thank you for your faithfulness to Fr. Palau and to us, his daughters who strive to live and die at the service of the Beloved Church. Help me Lord, and all your Carmelite Missionaries to be loving and faithful to our life of prayer and self-giving. This I pray through Fr. Palau, Mother Juana and all our sisters whao have gone before us. Amen!
I am a Carmelite Missionary. Called to grow to be an active member of the CM Family of prayerful prophets of communion. Sr. CA, cm

Prayer: O Loving God I thank you for this opportunity to get to know deeper my being a CM. For letting me understand the life of the Congregation, through teh Genral cahoter documents and that for the first time I was able to appreciate it. Thank you for all the sister who have gone ahead of us and for preparing the way for us. Grant me the grace that I may enflesh them in my life.
Mold me in the way you want me to be... Send me to where yoou want me to go, for I will go where the glory of God calls me.
Reflection: Commnity Life: To love beyond what the eyes can see and what the ears can hear.
Service: I will go where the glory of God calls me.
Contemplation: Stay close to Jesus! Sr. Jhenie, cm

My heartfelt gratitude for the work done by our sisters ahead of us. You have done good things in us since the beginning until this day. I am strengthen and am encouraged to be open "to go where the glory of God calls me". I am hopelful that I will attain communion throug my personal relationship with my BELOVED, with nature and with my sisters in the community. May God bless us all!
 Sr. Cherry Potot, cm

Reflection: Francisco Palau said: "In Carmel, one thing is necessary which is vocation" my vocation is sustained through pryaer. Prayer gives direction, even in solitude and community life I encounter God and I am energize and I grow.
Prayer: Inspired by the spirit of our Father Founder, may I unceasingly pray and serve the Church with passion adn with tireless effort to live out our charism which is communion. Sr. Grace M., cm

Reflection: This time I really feel appy and I was able to enter into the chapter documents and hopefully this could be my learning ground to be confident and be more generous, to be faithful always in my prayer life and my love to Fr. Palau.
Prayer: Loving and Merciful Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank you for this opportunity to know deeply our chapter documents which the sisters who workde hard for this, in order for us to know and be guided, enlightened, renewed, inspired and challenged our response in our vocation as we continue to follow your will. Give us always the grace we need especially this coming General Chapter. Guide and enlighten ours sisters, so that we will become a true prophet and witness,good Spouse and Holy CM. Amen! Sr. Everlita, cm of the Merciful Love

Prayer: Almighty Father, Thank you for the chance to learn and to know more my CM congregation through the genral chapter documents. Thank you for enlightening me with your Holy Spirit that now I know and understand what is the project of our congregation, what was happening and as a member of this big family, I am nurtured, challenged, to be open and to cooperate with the program in order to serve the church and serve you better and to respond with the signs of the times. I ask you Lord, to grant us Carmelite Missionaries, a spirit of communion so that we will become a living bread and a witnes in this world that is full of diversity. Strengthen us Lord to always renew our life with your spirit that we may become true disciples in followint your steps. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen! Thank you so much Sr. Loida. Sr. Yuliana Najul, cm

Prayer: Almighty Father, you gave your only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be my savior, to suffer and die for us. Give us strength and courage to faithfully live and proclaim the gospel up to the last of my life. By His example and prayers may I also give witness to our Chrisitian faith even in the face of danger and difficulties. We offer this for the glory of your name now and forever. Amen! Sr. Lia, cm

Reflection: First and foremost, I am grateful to God for bringing me in the family of the Carmelite Missionaries and to the spirituality of our Blessed Founder, Francisco Palau, the perseverance of Mother Juana Gratias and all the sisters who had gone ahead of us, before us and from the sisters who worked hard for the congregation. I am affirmed of my identity as Carmelite Missionary. There is a stirring of HOPE that in His time and in the process, I will truly become an authentic CM, for the glory of God. HOPE for renewal, HOPE for betterment in relationship, HOPE to be truly identified with Fr. Palau and above all with Christ whom I am following.
Prayer: Almighty and Merciful God, thank you for refreshing my ming, re-awakening my senses of my identity and calling as Carmelite Missionary and as daughter of Fr. Palau through this study of the chapter documents with Sr. Loida. Grant each one of us the grace we need, in order to live out the spirit of communion just live our Blessed Founder. This I pray in the name of Jesus with your Hoy Spirit through Mary our Mother and Blessed Francisco Palau. Amen. Sr. Sherna Advincula, cm

Reflection: My ehart is full of Gratitude for the Spirit who moves me to e faitful, to be open and always renewwed. The Spirit of Fr. Palau inspires me to give myself to the Lord and be a true CM. I am ready to do His will.
 Prayer: Dearest Lord, I thank you for calling me to the Carmelite Missionary family. Thank you for journeying with me. Thank you for giving Fr. Palau as a father, who passionately love the Church and offer his love fully to you. Thank you for giving these past days , the chapter documents to deepen my love and self offering to you through my beloved Carmelite Missionaries family. Inspite of our weaknesses Lord, accept us and mold us. Make us berer of love and compassion for the Church especially for those who most need it. I offer to you Lord all the Carmelite Missionaries all over the world.. and here I am Lord, I offer my life to you... Sr. Ella, cm

February 2012
Las Marias
Tandang Sora
Five-day series of reflection and sharing on the
General Chapter  Documents of the Congregation
Facilitator: Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm

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