Monday, March 26, 2012

"In His Love" ****************** The Shepherd of my soul

The Lord is my Shepherd
He guides my soul
He watches over me
Like a mother who looks at her

When I go astray, walking far
Lost in the dark, trapped in a
Wounded sad and tired
The Good Shepherd of souls
searches for me
Crossing mountains and valleys
Until He finds me.

Gently but surely, He removes
me from the trap
Getting wounded Himself
But binding up my wounds.
Lovingly He puts me securely
on His shoulder
Gazing at me with kindness and

And when we reach the sheep
He gently puts me down
To join the flock and be with
my family
And my community.

When I need Him, I look up
And gaze in my prayer
Our eyes meet and He reminds
“I have called you with an
everlasting love,
I have called you by your name,
You are mine”.

Truly I am grateful to the
Shepherd of my soul
To the people He sends
And the graces He bestows.

From the wound of His heart
He pours His mercy and His
For me to heal, to trust and
return His love.

He did this for me
And He will do it for me
Because He died and rose
For me and for you!

In His Love
with the Good Shepherd
Sr. Maricel, OCD
March 17-28, 2012
A Retreat Accompaniment
10 days
Spiritual Accompaniment: Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm

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