Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mater Carmeli School, Novaliches, Q. C. Fourth Year - Benignity

Fourth Year on reflection
to draw a picture
Communion in the Family

Parents in group sharing:
How to be signs of communion
in the church
as a family

Drawing depicting
"Communion in the Family"

Plenum: Echo of their sharing on Communion
both parents and children

Eucharistic Celebration

The Family

Mater Carmeli School
Novaliches Quezon City (102)

September 2-4, 2011
Speakers: First day: Palautian Spirituality - Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm
Second day: Fr. Efren De Guzman/Fr. Alex/Bro. Bobby De Guzman
Evening Session: Sr. Chriseluz Talaroc, cm
Third day: Fr. Efren and Sr. Chriseluz, cm
Facilitators in Group Sharing: Srs. Genia Bolima, Elva Ente,
Paquita Aradillos, Sandra Telogio, Thea May Superio,
Sr. Loida Tortogo, Sr. Anafe Bello & Teacher Marvin
Francisco Palau Hall

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