Friday, April 8, 2011

Lenten Recollection - CMCS Staff

Caleruega, Batulao, Batangas

Mountain of Salvation, Batulao, Batangas

There is time for everything...
A time to share...

Group Sharing
"Personal experience of the Way of the Cross " in my life

Caleruega, Batangas

a time to eat...

a time to celebrate the Eucharist...

a time to feel the sacredness of the place...

a time to commune with Jesus...

a time to give thanks...

a time to walk with Jesus on
the "Way of the Cross"

Way of the Cross

CMCS Staff
April 5, 2011
Lenten Recollection
Pilgrimage to the
"Mountain of Salvation" Batulao
and to Caleruega Retreat & Conference Center, Batulao
Facilitated by: Sr. Loida Tortogo,cm
This year is a unique preparation of the Lenten Journey of the CMCS Staff, Tagaytay. We left the house at 8:00 am and proceeded to the "Mountain of Salvation" to pray the "Way of the Cross" in a meditative way, and silently while listening to the messages of every station. Afterwhich they are asked to relate their life's experience of the "Way of the Cross" from that of Jesus, in order to identify themselves to Him and to be one with Him in this celebration of the Season of Lent, the Passion, Death and the Resurrection of Jesus.
Holy Mass was celebrated after the Way of the Cross. We are blessed to have Fr. Anthony Wanaseri, a Thai priest who officiated the Mass for us. Then we took lunch at the Caleruega conference and retreat center, in the forest crossing the winding bridge and contemplating the beauty of nature. At 1:00 pm we started our group sharing based on the mornings experience and reflection. Then, they were given the chance to move around the vast place of a 12 hectare lot and we went home praising the Lord for this unique experience.

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