Saturday, April 2, 2011

CEU - Centro Escolar University

Centro Escolar University (50)
March 25-27, 2011
Director: Fr. John Keenan, Columban
Facilitators are: Jayson M. Leones, Risha Jealyn E. Lungsod,
Rafael Jericho Z. Quetula, Adrian Russell A. Sta. Cruz,
Jarmaine David, Bryan Theodore Ross Lejano,
Mrs. Elenita Aberion and Reymart Cano.
Retreat Masters: Bro. Joshue Fernandez and Bro. Ronnie Roy Salinero.
Francisco Palau Hall

"I would say, you did not fail to serve us the best for the past 3 years of having our retreat in your place. Truly, the Motto of a Carmelian "Contemplare, Amare, Servire Ecclesiam" (To contemplate, to love and to Serve the Church) still lives on and and until now, thats my spiritual motto in my everyday life as a carmelian, moulded with Humane and Christian Values.

Thank you for accomodating our CEU_SCA Mendiola and Makati Students and for your prayerful hands of the Carmelite Missionaries Sisters for the success of our Lenten Holy Retreat. Thank you and May the Allighty God bless you and Keep you always!

Jayson Marco Caesar M. Leones

Alumna, Mater Carmeli School Batch '2001

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