Thursday, March 31, 2011

When He Said “I CHOOSE YOU!”

Speechless. Overwhelmed. In Denial.

These were the feelings I had when I was reading my acceptance letter yesterday. A part of me was in denial asking if everything was real, if this was really it. Before I received the letter, my posture was ready for any answer – may it be positive or negative. I heard myself saying “You give and take away…Blessed be Your name,” just like Job in the Old Testament. And I didn’t expect Jesus’ answer on the same day! When I read the line “I have accepted you to be one of the Live-in Aspirants of the Carmelite Missionaries this coming June 2011,” my tears just fell from my eyes! My tears were beyond my control. And they were tears of joy. I couldn’t thank Jesus enough for choosing and accepting me to be more intimate with Him in this next stage of formation. I believe that everything has been possible by God’s grace, and through the same grace, I choose to respond to obey His will as I take the path less-travelled. The path may not be easy but I know my Lover will never ever leave me.

(Raine Eguico - Live-in Aspirant)

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