Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life of Francisco Palau - Formation of the CMCS Staff *****Part II

Francisco Palau, OCD

Francisco Palau
Contemplative apostle

The Islet of Vedrá
Ibiza, Spain
A place of Encounter with his Beloved-Church
God and Neighbor

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
A place of contemplation and Mission
This sanctuary is a place where he celebrates Mass,
they lived at the back together with his brothers
and he give catechism of the Month of May
Francisco Palau designed a book entitled "Mes de Maria",
we use it for the Month of May.
Everyday, there is a meditation of a flower with its corresponding virtue to practice.
A thirty-one day meditation of the virtues of Mary.
Our Lady of Virtues.
Es Cubells, Ibiza, Spain
Life of Francisco Palau
February 28, 2011
2:00 to 4:00 pm
The staff had two series of formation on the life of Fr. Palau with Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm,
in charge of the formation. This is connection of the celebration of the Bicentennial year of the birth of our Founder.
They were given the chance to watch the movie "Pilgrimage to Palautian Places" in order to get to know the places where our Founder lived and had his missionary activity.
They studied his life by way of having watched the powerpoint presentation on his life,
then they were given time to discuss and at the end they were grouped in two
for the question and answer portion.
They were nervous yet they enjoyed and at the and they were given a prize for the good performance and revealing a good knowldege of our Founder.
Now they become conscious of the History of our Founder posted on the Wall of our Center.

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