Thursday, November 11, 2010


I felt so precious when God gave me this vocation.
I felt so precious when I was chosen among the many ladies in the world.
I felt so precious when I felt the happiness and fulfillment in life that I have been looking for.
I felt so precious when I felt His constant love.
I felt so precious to be the spouse of our Mighty Savior.

Yet, it was foolishness when I left my family and loved ones.
Foolishness when I chose to live a life of poverty.
Foolishness to feel the pain I had never felt before.
Foolishness to be a servant of all.
Foolishness when I still chose to listen and live this precious call I received.
It was foolishness when I still allowed myself to be hurt and to suffer for the sake of this precious vocation.

Foolishness it may be. But, it is through this foolishness that I learned to love and appreciate the precious God I have.
This precious God who let me feel how precious I am in spite of my foolishness.

Sr. Dedith B. Moralde,CM
Inspired: 2007 year end retreat

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