Monday, November 8, 2010

Feast of Four CM Martyrs November 6, 2010

Four Blessed CM Martyrs
Blessed Esperanza of the Cross, cm
Blessed Daniela of St. Barnabas, cm
Blessed Refugio of St. Angelo, cm
Blessed Gabriela of St. John of the Cross, cm

These four CM sisters were martyred two by two: two pairs of twins in the spirit.
Sr. Esperanza, 61 years old and Sr. Refugio, 58 years old, were sacrificed at the sunset of July 31, 1936.
Sr. Daniela, 46 years old and Sr. Gabriela, 56 years old gave up their lives on that same day, hardly a difference of hours.

Thoughts from our Founder on Martyrdom:
"Only one thing lightened my pain: it was the hope of dying as a victim among the fierce calls of the revolution of that epoch; the material fire, the dagger of the executioner, were less horrible to me than the internal flame of love that devoured my heart. I offered myself as a propitious victim in that time of hatred and revenge..."

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