Friday, November 19, 2010

Eight day Retreat: "Birth to new life... is the work of God through His Spirit...

My letter to Jesus
Psalm of Thanksgiving
My dear Lord Jesus,
I come before your presence taking with me this symbol of my heartfelt gratitude to you for all my experiences during these days of my intimate encounter with you - this symbol of my birthstone rosary inside a heart-shaped case.
This birthstone signifies the love you have for me even before I was born. And that is the fundamental truth of my being that you always wanted me to claim and to hold on to: that I AM LOVED.
The rosary signifies your abiding, loving, merciful and saving presence in the different mysteries I experienced in my life and will experience in the future from this day onwards.
The heart-shaped case symbolizes the greatest manifestation of your love for me... I am in your heart...the whole of my being is inside your heart. And now, you are asking me that you may take possession of my heart and nothing else than that. Indeed, you were not pleased of the sacrifices I offered to you for what you only need is my heart.
And so my dear Jesus, take possession of my heart, it's all Yours. Only one thing I humbly ask from you: Fill me constantly with your love and healing presence. Fill me with your grace that I may always be open to the outpouring of you your love for me.
I promise to take care of my heart for you but I know I can't take care of it all alone by myself. Let's take care of it together so that it will truly become a worthy and pleasing sacrifice and offering that you alone deserve it. Take me by your hand, Oh Lord, to wherever you want to lead me. I place my full trust and confidence in you as I resolve to move on towards something new in my life... a new way of being... a new attitude that will lead me into something deeper and wider, something more meaningful, more fruitful. And to live my life always as an expression of my gratitude to you no matter what comes along the path of life you have designed for me.
Indeed, Lord Jesus,
your hand created my heart to love and to be loved and to live in love.
So be it, Oh Lord, so be it...

Eight day Retreat
Sr. Paulette Rendal, CM
Missionary in Africa
November 12-19, 2010
Spiritual accompaniment by: Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm

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