Friday, November 19, 2010

"Birth to new the work of God through His Spirit"

Sr. Ma. Stella Kupsya, cm
Eight-day Retreat
Spiritual Accompaniment by: Sr. Loida Tortogo, cm
...Lord, who am I to deserve your love, your care, your concern and everything, for despite of my weaknesses, limitations, failures and sinfulness you are always there at my side.
...When I am weak, you give me new strength. When I fall you hold my hand and lift me up. When I sin, you forgive me, for you are always merciful. When I lack something and cry, you provide me in your own proper time.
...This is how you let me experience your love and grow in my faith. You have loved me from the time I was conceived till I grew up. But because sometimes I fail to appreciate and I forget to do your will and start doing my own will and follow my own ways, then your remind me and you let things happen in my life.
...I thank you Lord for such creativity in my life. All the experiences I have passed through in life especially the hard, the difficult and painful ones have really helped me to discover how much you love me; you care for me and how much close you are to me each moment. And with all the experience, I came to love you more. Thank you Lord, may you continue to work wonders in my life. Amen
Sr Ma. Stella Kupsya, cm
Malawian CM Sister

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