Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Children's Chrismas Party at CMCS Center

Children's Christmas Party
December 19, 2009
We the Carmelite Missionaries wished to share the blessings and the joy of this season to our neighboring brothers and sisters who are hard up with their life. We found several families living in steep area of Kabangaan Road, the poor family. So we gathered and brought them to our Center. We gave short catechesis, prayer, progam dances and entertainments. Then we also gave them food to eat to complete the celebration and gave them christmas bags filled with groceries that they can use to celebrate on Christmas Eve..
This daytoo, the Serenity, house of sobriety group came to sing carols for us sisters and to these poor children. Then followed by another group of children from the "Children of Mary" orphanage. They sang carols using bandurria and drum. It was a meaningful celebration for us to be with them. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to the Lord for all His blessings to us and so we share. Give love on Christmas day!

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