Friday, November 6, 2009

Four Carmelite Missionary Martyrs

Today, the community commemorates the Memorial of our Four Carmelite Missionary Martyrs. After Vespers we spent some moments with the Lord and then we brought the frame to the first floor of the Center to put a mark on this day November 6, 2009 as an expression of our love for these cm martyrs who modelled us of their good examples.
The Spanish civil war of 1936 – 1939 had its victims. Many of our priests, religious, and lay people gave public testimony of their faith, shedding their blood on Spanish soil – blood that, in the words of John Paul II, has become “seeds of new Christians”.On 28th October, we have joyfully celebrated the beatification of the 498 brothers and sisters of ours, who, in the silence of their lives, in the fulfilment of their mission, and with the strength of their faith, were able to arrive at the ultimate consequence by witnessing to their union with Christ.
Among the 498 martyrs are our four Carmelite Missionary sisters:
Gabriela of Saint John of the Cross
Daniela of Saint Bernabe
Refugio of Saint Angelo
Esperanza of the Cross

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