Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Thirty-day Retreat

My Thirty-day Retreat
Part I. Entry to Life - "Maisha" (10 days)
1. Self-definition - "I am... water" ..."butterfly" ..."a dance in the circle of the Blessed Trinity
2. Self-direction -
  • My journey of Faith from Chilhood to adulthood, stages of growth, my spiritual itinerary.
  • Experiences of my choices.
  • My faith experiences in my three significant journey - USA, Africa, Rome
3. Self-responsiblity - Being responsible of who I am.
  • Owning my experiences and be responsible of the consequences of my choices or decision making.
Religious Experience: During the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Thank you Sandy for giving expression of my love to the people of Kenya. It is not you who was sent back to the Philippines. It is "ME". Always remember, "your work is mine and what mine is yours."
"Forget the past - look I am creating something new for you and it is happening now" (Is. 43:18-21)
Let us dance... come to the circle... I am in the circle of the Father, Jesus and Paracleto.
Shall we dance?
Come beloved, enter into the circle, give me your hand, shall we dance?
Listen to the rhythm of your heart, as the beautiful melody around turn your feet and raise your hands, sway your body as I embrace you,
Come, beloved, let us dance.
Symbols: Rain and Butterfly
Part II. Experience of Love - "Upendo" (10 days)
  • I am loved "covenantal love" (as the rainbow appreared in the sky)
  • "I am the stream of living water"
  • "I die because I don't like to die, I live because I die"
  • In my dying I learned to grow and become fully human-fully alive. I grew in confidence with inner wisdom and directedness.
  • Death is the completion of the cycle of every stages of my life.
  • I welcome death, sufferings, pains as part of my life; as a source of strength and wisdom.
  • I accept, own, and name my different experiences of death and welcome the gift of new life.
Significant Religious experiences:
  • The appearance of the rainbow - "covenantal love" God's presence
  • At Night prayer "I am the stream of living water" (Jn. 7:37-38)
  • Eucharist - "Body of Christ" Amen - "I am"
Symbols: Rainbow, petals of flowers, ferns and stones.
  • Petals of flowers: as expressions of my gratitude and giving blessings, as I showered it from the fourth floor to the ground.
  • Making a graveyard or burial ground at CMCS.
  • Nasugbu Beach: making a burial ground imitating the indigenous people from Africa using "stone graves"
  • Saying "goodbyes" by throwing petals of flowers to the water.
Part III. (10 days) The moment of Enlightenment - Light - Mwangaza
  • Iam unique with talents and potentials, Gifts to the humanity
  • I have my mission
  • I am responsible for my gifts
Religious Experience: We have common humanity. We have common divinity. We belong to the same source = GOD.
Rituals: Offerings of the seedlings of my 11 years in mission - to Mama Mary as a gratitude for Her presence, love and accompaniment in my journey towards Jessus.
In Stillness
In silence and solitude, in my sacred space, I heard gentle sounds, as I slow down my pace.
I saw wonders in my delight, flocks of birds flying home for the night, the fishes quarelling for space, the wind blowing the leaves with ease.
The melodious songs of the frogs, the reat orchestra of the birds and crickets, are like background music as I enter into stillness.
The stillness speakes in subtlety, it echoes in my heart the words gently, that God is compassion and love, and so my being rejoices, as I gave thanks to God with a grateful heart.

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