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Chapter Documents studied... - Class with the CM 6th year Juniors

Thank you Sr. Loida

The Presentors of the Chapter Documents - 6th year Juniors

The Chapter Documents of the Congregation

Symbols used during prayer. First groups of Presentors - Planting the seed.
Second group of Presentors - the sprout is being presented, being cultivated and watered. The third group was the image of Jesus with the chapter documents and candles at its side.

XIX General Chapter reporter - Sr. Virgie Dolero, cm

XVIII General Chapter reporter - Sr. Ryanelle Bueno, cm

XVII General Chapter reporter - Sr. Thea May Superio, cm

The class on the Chapter Documents with Sr. Loida is like opening another petal of the “flower” of my life. It did not only add to my knowledge but more so it made me love the Documents we have.
Before the class, I thought it was merely something for exhibits and to be kept for record purposes. As I listened to my sisters reporting the chapter documents assigned to them and going over my own topic I discovered that the document is our life. It is a “sacred treasure”. God has gifted us because I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding the sisters involved in the chapters. I felt also how prayerful they were because they had been sensitive and docile to the leadings of the Spirit. My conversion of looking at the documents is I should say a grace, God granted me in this class. Thus, like Mary Magdalene I can shout at the top of my voice “I have seen the Lord…”
Sr. Thea May Superio, cm

XVI General Chapter reporter - Sr. Annalisa Sinomio, cm

XV General Chapter reporter - Sr. Dedith Moralde, cm

It was a great honor and privilege for me to have a class about the Chapter Documents. The documents were very inspiring and beautiful. Reading the XV General Chapter “Communion and Hope” (Aug. 24-Oct 27, 1982) broadens my understanding and knowledge about our congregation. Most of all, I feel the belongingness to the Carmelite Missionary family.
For 12 years after the Special General Assembly our Congregation tries its very best to remain faithful to our charism and at the same time to respond to the signs of the times. Revision of the CM Constitutions was one of the main tasks of this chapter. Our sisters in the past have done their best for our Congregation. Our sisters in the past have done their best for our Congregation.
It is also true that we have failed to live out the task mentioned in our Chapter Documents and this is a challenge for me and for all of us. Indeed our vocation is our personal response to God. Community life in particular is not at all a bed of roses, laughters and joys, but also includes thorns, tears and pains. All these things make me a better person and help me deepen my self-knowledge and my love for Him.
Many may have failed in living the religious life faithfully. Yet, I believe it is not too late. We can still hope for the better if all of us are in communion and in support with each other in trying to live out our constitutions and charism joyfully.
Sr. Dedith B. Morlade, cm

XIV General Chapter reporter - Sr. Rosanna Viñas, cm

Reading the document of the XIV General Chapter of 1976 entitled “Carmelite Missionaries to Evangelize”; I catch myself being in the shoes of the General Council and the Capitulars. At times I also find myself in the shoes of the sisters whose one of the significant desires was for the Chapter to say a clear word on the vocational demands of the Carmelite Missionaries, personal and communitarian level.
I presume that our vocational identity was not yet clear to them. Though at first, I felt how demanding the statement was, yet, between the lines I can perceive their deepest cry and sincerest desire to be more identified as Carmelite Missionaries. I believed that along the communication God’s wisdom was at work, because our vitality is in knowing the purpose of our existence and being truthful to our own identity. I deeply appreciate our General Council and the capitulars for their openness and understanding to the weaknesses, limitations and failures of each sister. I am grateful too to this chapter for reminding me that my consecration is essentially a mission in the world and that evangelization is the core and root of our vocation.
I haven’t thought of a better thing to end my reflection than to quote what Paul VI in Evangelii Nuntiandi is challenging us: “The Church is an evangelizer, but she begins by being evangelized herself… She has a constant need of being evangelized, if she wishes to retain freshness, vigor and strength in order to proclaim the Gospel.” (EN 15). For that, the “Carmelite Missionaries to Evangelize” came up with “We evangelize when we are truly Carmelite Missionaries and we can only be Carmelite Missionaries when we evangelize.” (#246) I salute our sisters from the past to the present for helping us to become wht we are today. They have shown their sincerest love and tireless service to the congregation; it is mine to take my own personal formation and responsibility.
God the Father through the Holy Spirit keep us in witnessing and proclaiming the values of the Gospel, the very life of Christ.
Sr. Rosanna Viñas, cm

OPEN LETTER: First General Assembly reporter - Sr. Mary Jane Torres, cm

XIII General Chapter reporter - Sr. Ima, cm

While reading and reflecting on this document on the XIII General Chapter, with the title “Carmelite Missionary Vocation” I feel, again and again God is inviting me to savor my own vocation in being a Carmelite Missionary. I was reminded of the two Carmelite Missionaries I met 12 years ago. Once again my conviction is deepened that I am really called in Missionary Carmel. That feeling 12 years ago made me courageous in making decision to say “yes” and follow what is in my heart at the age of 19.
Reflecting on the vocation in missionary Carmel, I could identify my own journey with the vocation of our Father Founder. There were lights and shadows, joys and pains, tears and laughters, even I could say just like our Founder, there were moments I found my soul walked in the darkest night, but deep within me I feel my vocation is stronger than any difficulties, struggles and the dark night that I had. And again I join with our beloved Founder, I also say: “only one thing make me stay in Carmel, my vocation”.
Now as I am preparing for my final commitment to Him I realized how God worked in my vocational journey. As He has promised “I will be with you till the end of time”, I feel strengthened. He will never abandon me.
Lord, grant me the grace of fidelity to continue to say yes to YOU until the end of my life in the Carmelite Missionaries. I trust in your loving care and mercy. Amen!
Sr. Ima, cm

First General Chapter reporter - Sr. Belen, cm

First General Chapter (1896)
The First General Chapter was taken into consideration to give us a glance and bird's eye view on what happened in the First General Chapter though there is no document as compared to the rest of the presentation from the XIII to XIX General Chapter. The basis was the CM History II of our Congregation where we can read the story of the said event. I recommend that you read it.
I am happy and grateful to the Lord and to all the sisters who have gone ahead of us, for making these documents possible and also our CM History book,our very own history. It is interesting and inspiring how the congregation started through the generosity and untiring efforts of our sisters, friends and collaborators.
Their self giving and dedication inspires me to move on and love the congregation.
Sr. Belen, cm

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