Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eight day Retreat

Eight day Retreat of a CM Junior
Sr. Eleanor Bordo, cm
Sr. Elai spent her eight day retreat with Sr. Loida Tortogo from May 14 to May 22.

During her days of prayer and reflection she was able to compose a poem. It speaks of her encounter with Jesus who is the source of her strength and courage.
"Let me be your wings"
When everything seems fine
and life is so kind
Let me be your wings...
to lift your heart
and say word of thanks!
When the going gets tough
and life tastes flat
Let me be your wings...
to see things and go beyond
and believe that they're at your command!
When failures seem to mount
and your insecurities roused
Let me be your wings...
to take that all things are passing
you're worth more than your failings!
When fears heighten
and all your weaknesses get in
Let me be your wings...
to muster courage
and believe in yourself!
When the world is full of noise
everything in chaos and turmoil
Let me be your wings...
to keep you still
and find peace within!
When life brings so much pain
love seems to wane and faith is weaken
Let me be your wings...
and I will hide you within
and let you know that I AM HERE!

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