Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carmelite Missionaries - Postulants

CM Postulants

May 3-8, 2009

6 postulants

Retreat in preparation for their entrance to the novitiate

Speaker: Sr. Vivien Gavan, cm

<<"Wasting time with God" in my own little way especially in solitude and prayer is a precious moment that leads me to friendship, joy, strength and peace, to do my little mission everyday>>

*Arlene Nadales*

"Prayer became my greatest weapon in my journey"


"In silence, I have found my God and myself"

*Christine ofel Espina*

<<"Detachment" does not only mean letting but letting God. It is a space reserved for God to act out His plan through me to His people. Thus, I can still be detached yet remained in love, so much in love.>>

*Roxan Sarmiento*

"As I empty myself God makes me full and I bear his message in my heart through solitude and prayer."

*Jeneliza Tecling*

"The cool breeze and the pleasant silence brought by the place here in CMCS Tagaytay City helps my encounter to God more fruitful."

*Fe Mativo*

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