Friday, March 27, 2009

Centro Escolar University - Student Catholic Action Group

Retreat date: March 23-24, 2009

Praised be Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Good day Sister! here are some of our reflections although we have similar reflections din po with other participants:

*We really felt the Presence of God at the course of our stay at the Carmelite Missionaries Center of Spirituality. Some of us felt the serene and tranquil mind when we entered the premises of the retreat house. Our Spiritual life and prayer life became strengthened when we started our session with the topic "God's plan for me" and "obstacles to Christian way of life". Much more strengthened when on the 2nd day, our talk was focussed on Our Blessed Mother's role for us and as Our Mother since, we celebrated her feast of Annunciation and through the Holy Mass.

*Some of our Retreatants were 1st timers but even if they are 1st timers, they really felt the caring and loving presence of Jesus and Mary. They reflected also on the passion of Our Lord when we had our Way of the Cross. Some of them cried and wept because it was through that way of the cross we knew what our Lord underwent plus, a dvd presentation of Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson and that, they were struck.

*Our Altar servers were spiritually revitalized, nourished and became energetic at the course of our Retreat and especially during the Holy Mass with dignity and solemnly.

**This reflection is quite long but if I am going to epitomize it, it will fall into one or two lines: That Our Lord, the God of Silence, beckoned us to journey into life with His abiding presence and that became for us to be more determined, energetic, revitalized and spiritually nourished Christians, ready to serve the Lord with Gladness With Mary, His Holy Mother! (SERVITE DOMINO IN LAETITIA!)


Thank you very much Sister Loida, God bless you and the CMCS Staff!

In Cristo Jesu et Maria Immaculata,

Jayson Leones
"Carmelian, Batch 2001

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