Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pauline Advent Recollection

November 22, Saturday, we attended the Pauline advent recollection held at James Alberione Seminary, St. Paul Fathers in Silang, Cavite. Year 2008-2009 is the 2000 year anniversary celebration of the year of St. Paul proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI.
Fr. Domie de Guzman, SSP, shared with us 1) the spirit of advent in the context of St. Paul and 2) who is this Jesus according to St. Paul – as preparation for the advent season.
I wish to mark this beautiful experience of mine while listening to the talk of Fr. Domie. I was gazing at the painting located at the altar. The painting depicts the encounter of Jesus and Paul in Damascus. When I gazed at Jesus, He was communicating to me the spirit of passion in his heart geared towards Paul. I could sense the great love of Jesus to Him. There was a light from the heart of Jesus connected to the heart of Paul. Then I exclaimed here is a man who was a killer of Christians in his time. Yet Jesus is trying to communicate his great love and passion for this person. I feel at that moment a sense of forgiveness and acceptance on Jesus’ part to the person of St. Paul so that, the encounter made him turn 95 degrees to serve for the kingdom with passion also.
On this day I received a grace of God’s loving and compassion to me, just as I am and I started to appreciate the image or the painting.

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